My Grandmother's Grand Piano                                                       DSF0801

Nicolas Bearde at The California Jazz Conservatory                       DSF0462

Flower Piano Event in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco,               DSF2225

Flower Piano Event in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco,               DSF2348

Barbara Hadenfeldt at The Marsh Cabaret, Berkeley, CA                DSF0112

Randy Craig  at  The Marsh Cabaret, Berkeley, CA                         DSF0114

The Marsh Cabaret in Berkeley, CA                                                 DSF0029

Flower Piano Event, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco                  DSF2281

Antony Ty, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco                                  DSF2374

Wayne Harris at The Marsh Cabaret in Berkeley, CA                       DSF0203

Robbie MacGregor, Guitarist                                                            DSF0055

At The California Jazz Conservatory                                                DSF0404

Alex Baum, Bassist                                                                           DSF0068

Guitar and Hand                                                                                DSF2147

Piano and Martini                                                                             DSF2031

Doug McKechnie                                                                              DSF0042

John McArdle, Bassist                                                                       DSF2061

Bass Still Life                                                                                     DSF2050

Bass and Hand                                                                                 DSF2077

Piano Keyboard and Hand                                                                DSF2182