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Alcatraz     (DSF3703)

Raven at Goat Rock Beach, Jenner, Ca     (DSF0286)

6:00 am, San Francisco National Cemetery     (DSF3443)

Salinas, Ca     (DSF2316)

Abandoned Ship In The Strait Of Magellan     (DSF4976)

Jazz And Blues Singer, Wayne Harris     (DSF0879)

Magician, David Hiarta     (DSF1568)

The Black Keys     (DSF5940)

The Golden Gate Bridge     (DSF5093)

Actor, Stacy Ross     (DSF3117)

Oakland, Ca    (DSF2892)

Bass Player And Jazz Educator, Curtis Lundy     (DSF3113)

Drummer, Raul Ramirez   (DSF7432)

Playwright, Maggie F. Wilson     (DSF2133)

Pianist, Composer, Randy Craig     (DSF6638)

Guitar Player, Robbie MacGregor     (DSF4551)

San Francisco's Queen Of Soul, Edna Love     (DSF2125)

A Martini     (DSF6972)

Golden Gate Park Band Shell, San Francisco     (DSF0343)

Ventura, Ca     (DSF0137)

Lake Titicaca, Peru     (DSF3233)

New Mexico Sky     (DWP4209)

Self Portrait     (DWS001N)

City Cemetery, Punta Arenas, Chile     (DSF4872)

Legendary Blues Singer, Tyrone "Shortleg" Johnson    (DSF2160)

Pianist, Randy Craig     (DSF9675)

Seawall At The Strait Of Magellan, Punta Arenas, Chile     (DSF4415)

Pt Isabel, Richmond, Ca     (DSF9977)

Backyard Crow     (DSF0835N)

Guitar Player, Piano Technician, Robbie MacGregor     (DSF5549)

Comic, Karen Ripley.    (DSF5642)

Actor, Playwright Kathryn Keats     (DSF0420)

As Seen At The Marsh Cabaret, Berkeley     (DSF4661)

Singer, Doug McKechnie     (DSF5723)

Drummer, Composer, Raul Ramirez     (DSF1153)

Actors, Adrian Deane & Wayne Harris     (DSF1566)

Rescue     (4C5T0025)

Bass Player, Composer, Alex Baum     (DSF5115)

Early Adopter Of The Moog Synthesizer, Doug McKechnie   (DSF4599)

Jaxson     (DSF3363)

Arrow     (DSF8188)

The Craig & MacGregor Band    (DSF4664)

Singer, Songwriter,  Maurice Tani     (DSF8856)

Midnight in Antarctica     (DSF6566)

Antarctica     (DSF5018)

Antarctica     (DSF5188)

Antarctica     (DSF5335)

Antarctica     (DSF5884)

Antarctica     (DSF5899)

Dew-Laden Spider Web     (DSF1791)

Neighborhood Cat     (DSF0877)