One Month In France
Dianne's 12 min Video

Raven at Goat Rock Beach, Jenner, Ca     (DSF0286)

Street Musician at the Palace of Fine Art, San Francisco     (DSF26732)

Alcatraz     (DSF3703)

Salinas, Ca     (DSF2316)

6:00 am, San Francisco National Cemetery     (DSF3443)

Doves at Stillwater Cove on the Sonoma Coast.   (WhiteDoves)

Roadside cemetery along the Urubamba River in the Sacred Valley, Peru   (DSF3154)

Abandoned Ship In The Strait Of Magellan, Punta Arenas, Chile     (DSF4976)

Golden Gate Park Band Shell, San Francisco                           (DSF0343)

Pianist, Randy Craig    (DSF1192)

Bass Player, John McArdle    (DSF7131)

The Golden Gate Bridge     (DSF5058)

Puerto Natales, Chile      (DSF4243)

Point Isabel, Richmond, Ca   (DSF0887)

Oakland, Ca    (DSF2892)

Goat Rock Beach, Jenner, CA     (DSF3813)

Ventura, Ca     (DSF0131)

Sacred Valley, Peru     (DSF6756)

Inside Machu Picchu, Peru     (DSF7111)

Machu Picchu, Peru   (DSF7310)

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico   (9734N1)

New Mexico Sky     (DWP4209)

Seawall At The Strait Of Magellan, Punta Arenas, Chile     (DSF4415)

As Seen At The Marsh Cabaret, Berkeley     (DSF4661)

Piano Keys and Light     (DSF9361N)

Backyard Crow     (DSF0835N)

Dew-Laden Spider Web     (DSF1791)

Pacific Grove City Cemetery, Ca   (DSF8061)

Rescue     (4C5T0025)