One Month In France
Dianne's 12 min Video

Hawaii's First Lady of Jazz, Singer  Azure McCall     (DSF4362)

Actor, Playwright, Musician, Kathryn Keats     (DSF0420)

Train Stories Cast, Actors Tony Cyprien, Wayne Harris, Kirk Waller. (DSF2787)

Playwright, Actor, Blues Singer,  Wayne Harris     (DSF5937)

Jazz Singer, Lilan Kane     (DSF4568)

Jazz Vocalist, Nicholas Bearde     (DSF0552)

Actor, Storyteller, Kirk Waller    (DSF5974)

Stage Director, Marc Montserrat-Drukker     (DSF7632)

Playwright, Maggie F. Wilson     (DSF2149)

Bass Player, Jazz Educator, Curtis Lundy     (DSF3113)

Magician, David Hiarta      (DSF1568)

Singer, Songwriter, Maurice Tani     (DSF8856)

Peruvian Drummer, Composer, Raul Ramirez     (DSF7432)

Actor, Fred Pitts     (4442)

Jazz and Blues Vocalist, Denise Perrier     (DSF5269)

Actor, Stacy Ross     (DSF2117)

Bass Player, John McArdle     (DSF3776)

Jazz Singer, Barbara Hadenfeldt     (DSF0888)

Guitar Player, Composer, Robbie MacGregor          (DSF8891)

Pianist, Composer, Randy Craig     (DSF7191)

Rock 'N' Roll Singer, Darby Gould     (DSF7885)

British Saxophone Player, Riley Lonergan     (DSF7523)

Drummer, Poet, Songwriter, Ken Owen     (DSF5672)

Early Adapter Of The Moog Synthesizer, Singer, Doug McKechnie     (DSF4599)

Film Producer, Fred Brost    (DSF2617)

Bass Player, Jeff Chambers     (DSF8619)

San Francisco's Queen of Soul, Edna Love     (DSF2125)